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Eight Point Two specialise in providing 'Adventure Challenge Events' and we've been delivering expertly managed, innovative and daring experiences across the UK and further afield for 15 years. 

We organise both open and exclusive events.

Open events are those run by 8.2. We have an established series of events which we deliver annually including the Dig Deep series www.digdeepraces.co.uk and the Whole Hog series www.wholehograces.co.uk. In addition we have other events such as our annual abseil from the Trafford Centre (Manchester). Our open events currently attract around 3000 participants annually.

Exclusive events are run solely for one organisation - we are paid as a sub-contractor to supply insurance, technical knowledge, liaison with the venue etc and all the equipment and staff to make the event run smoothly on the day. Exclusive events are for organisations who feel that they would prefer to use the expertise within 8.2 to deliver their events. Examples of these events would be, Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge, National Three Peaks Challenge, London to Paris cycle ride, Mud Runs and obstacle course races. However, we do design and develop bespoke events where required.

Our customers include both charities and corporate clients - JCB, Nestle, 02, NSPCC, Ronald McDonald Housing Charity and Marie Curie to name a few.

8.2 - Adventures for charity

We deliver innovative, exciting, and daring experiences that allow volunteers to raise sponsorship in support of their chosen charities. Whether they be individuals or large corporate events, 8.2 are confident in the quality and professionalism of its service.

8.2 continues to provide great challenges for the charity market. If you are from a charity then why not contact us and discuss what we can do for you? We deliver the design and management of bespoke large scale events through to small abseil events.

8.2 – Adventures for corporates

8.2 runs a number of bespoke events for all sizes of business. From the local cafe through to large corporates – we will offer you great service and a fantastic event.

We are particularly adept at developing events with brand identity and a social responsibility ethos.

8.2 - Adventures for individuals

All our events are open to individuals who want to ‘do something different’. Come along and join in, have some fun and, if you feel inclined, raise some money for a charity of your choice.

8.2 - Running Events

One of our particular areas of expertise is organising running events. From Ultra Trail running to mud runs we have a great track record in the delivery of high quality events. Check out our other websites for more information.

Our Dig Deep Races now have 2 events in the UK. Dig Deep Peak District and Dig Deep Suffolk (www.digdeepraces.co.uk). Both events incorporate 2 long Ultra Trail races and 2 shorter trail races over 2 days. In the Peak we now have the ULTRA Tour of the Peak District (60 miles), Intro ULTRA (30 miles), 12.12 mile trail race and the Whirlow 10k Trail Challenge! The UTPD race also counts as a qualifier for the North Face Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc.

Finally, there is the Whole Hog series. With new events booked in there is one near you (www.wholehograces.co.uk ) 

Whether you're an individual, a charity or a large corporate team, Eight Point Two have the experience, enthusiasm and professionalism to deliver some of the most exciting adventure events in the country.

8.2 - Walking

Our walks are in some of the most spectacular and challenging settings. From Brecon Beacons to the awesome National 3 Peaks Challenge we have a great challenge series for all levels.

8.2 - Abseiling

The concept of hanging 50 metres above the ground and controlling your descent provides a situation of huge excitement and exhilaration. 8.2specialise in the efficient and safe operation of charity abseils. The highest standards of safety and professionalism are at the core of our operating policy while maintaining a relaxed and friendly environment for participants.

8.2 - Cycling

Fast or slow, up or down, with your family or on your own; cycle challenges can allow everyone the opportunity to participate in a sponsored event. 8.2 organise and manage events of all levels to satisfy all abilities. However, our experience and expertise is in the delivery of high quality large scale rides.


Over £1 billion is donated in the UK every year. Up to 20% of every online donation is automatically deducted due to charity business management and operational costs, or due to the use of third party commercial organisations and their associated fees. If everyone had used Golden Giving, then an extra £100 to £200 million would have gone to charity front line causes. Eight Point Two supports Golden Giving.



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