Yorkshire Three Peaks

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is a fantastic day out, taking in the summits of Pen-y-ghent (694 metres), Whernside (736 metres) and Ingleborough (723 metres) along a (roughly) 24 mile route (with roughly 1,600 metres of ascent and descent in total).

Eight Point Two provides a service for both teams and individuals, from both corporate and charities, who want to undertake the challenge of completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

To book on one of our open Three Peaks Challenge events click here http://www.eightpointtwo.co.uk/charity_events.asp

We offer a fully supported event and a high level of safety and service both prior to the event and during it. Eight Point Two has a great deal of knowledge in providing this kind of service with many of its key staff holding senior mountaineering and walking qualifications such as the Mountain Instructor Certificate – the highest instructional qualification in the UK.

Our Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge event is an opportunity for teams and individuals to take part in a fully supported attempt on the challenge with the knowledge that they have an exceptional level of support.

We are very proud that we work with so many people on the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge. Current clients include Marie Curie, Siemens, Yorkshire Cancer Centre, Young Achievers, NRAS plus many more. We have even walked the cast of the hit TV programme Emmerdale around the Yorkshire Three Peaks!

What we offer on our Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Pre event

•    Easy to use and efficient booking system
•    Fully risk assessed event
•    Copies of our ‘Top Tips’
•    Training information pack
•    Participants equipment lists


•    Qualified instructors
•    Fully marshalled mountains
•    Booking in system for each stage
•    Quick response team for each mountain
•    High quality communications systems
•    Event day briefing
•    Equipment check
•    Team timings



Being responsible

Eight Point Two recognises that the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is a tough event which can easily become a very serious undertaking. As we are aware of this we implement certain controls to ensure that the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is run as safely and responsibly as possible.

Environmental Considerations

The popularity of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge can create an increased environmental stress on the beautiful national park that is home to the Three Peaks. Eight Point Two follows the institute of fundraising’s code of practice and has its own principles on best practice.

All of our teams follow the same route. Please observe any erosion control measures en-route, preventing any further footpath erosion. Our instructors are all mountain leaders with a love for the mountain environment. They need no encouragement to supervise their team to a high standard, including the removal of all litter, controlling impact in sensitive areas and sharing this knowledge and passion with their teams.


Eight Point Two promotes safe and responsible driving amongst its staff and we always try and car share when travelling to and from the event.

Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Safety

Eight Point Two ensures that the safety cover for each event is paramount – the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge enters some serious mountain terrain and the weather and conditions in these places can be ‘extreme’. To maintain these standards we ensure that every participant is well briefed and equipped. We will not let people begin if we believe that they are not prepared; so suitable clothing etc is essential. We also ensure that each event has good communications and that a quick response team is on hand to deal with emergencies.

Fitness Considerations

Completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge in 12 hours is no easy ambition; however with the right preparation, support and determination it is achievable by most. The fact that the walk pushes people makes it an excellent challenge.

Participants should plan some form of pre-event training which must include walking and some cross training in the form of swimming or cycling. Teams should be aware that they will be doing a significant amount of cardio vascular exercise in a 12 hour period.

Eight Point Two recommends that people with very little experience of training should seek expert advice to develop a suitable programme. Participants will find the challenge much more enjoyable if they arrive having done some form of preparation.

Training advice/schedule available on request

To book on one of our open Three Peaks Challenge events click here http://www.eightpointtwo.co.uk/charity_events.asp

Walking the Yorkshire Three Peaks!

Tackling the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is, for some, a daunting prospect! Here’s a description of this awesome challenge to help you decide whether it’s for you!
Start times for the walk are usually quite early – you don’t want to be walking in the dark if you are going to take more than 12 hours! We usually start from Horton at around 7am from either the main car park in the village or, if it’s a bigger event, from a suitable registration point.
During registration you will be asked to do a kit check. The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge isn’t a walk in the park - it covers some fairly mountainous areas! Mostly the kit recommended is for comfort but we value your safety very highly so certain items are mandatory! The kit list is on the Yorkshire three Peaks Challenge information document you will have been forwarded after booking!

After registration you will be given a short briefing and will have a chance to meet the guides for the day! All the guides are qualified and experienced mountaineers so you can rely on them for good advice and a kind word of support when you really need it.
Then it’s time for the off! The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge starts by heading out through the village of Horton before heading uphill, gently at first, towards Pen Y Ghent. The hill dominates the view from Horton so it’s only on the worst weather days that you won’t be able to see your target. The track soon gets quite steep and it’s a short sharp ascent on to the summit plateau! Peak number one is soon in the bag!
From the summit you veer leftwards before beginning the long, gently downhill descent towards Ribblehead Viaduct. The viaduct is one of the iconic sites on the Three Peaks walk and is a constant reminder of how far you have to go! The route here is quite often boggy – if it’s especially wet we will often veer from the shortest route to use a drier alternative!
It’s a long walk to Ribblehead but when you get there you are close to ½ way round (distance not effort). After a quick stop (mobile cafe available) it’s off for your next target - Whernside. At first the good path takes you away from the mountain as you follow the railway track round to your right. Soon you cross the line and head up hill towards Whernside – the 2nd peak on the Yorkshire Three Peaks. You’re not there yet though and very quickly the track steepens before the final, flat, approach to the summit. Peak number 2 is now done!
Most people don’t enjoy the descent off Whernside! It’s steep and can feel quite slippery in wet conditions. Fortunately though it’s over quite quickly and you soon find yourself heading gently downhill towards toilets and the very well positioned Phillpins Lane cafe.
After a brief stop it’s across the road to start on the final ascent – Inglebrough! It starts quite gently but all that height has to be gained somehow and soon enough the final steep barrier looms ahead! It’s all over quite quickly but this section is difficult to forget if your legs are tired! It’s then a flat walk across the plateau to the final summit of the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.
Like all of the best challenges there’s plenty of time to savour the success as you walk the few miles back to Horton. At the end of a long day this section can feel like it goes on forever! However, it’s beautiful and you can see the line of the route you have walked as you descend! Spectacular!
Then, before you know it, your back in Horton and it’s all over!
3 Peaks and 26 miles in less than 12 hours - that’s what it takes to be a successful Yorkshire Three Peaks bagger!!

To book on one of our open Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge events click here http://www.eightpointtwo.co.uk/charity_events.asp